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 Equinight Official Rulebook

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Vivien Wolf

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PostSubject: Equinight Official Rulebook   Fri Sep 25, 2015 4:50 am

Welcome to EN's Official Rulebook!
First off, I have to direct you to the sites FAQ where most of your questions may be answered, if you look inbetween "Calendar" and "Memberlist" on the navigation menu you will see the FAQ, please check that out after this!
Rules of Equinight

  • Everyone who registers must be over the age of 13, as it is recommended on the packaging of EA's The Sims 3, if you are found to be underage you will be removed from our forum until you are the right age.

  • No swearing, if anyone is found to be swearing report it immediately, this also means no inappropriate horse names and/or stable names.

  • No multiple accounts, we recommend you go under your main sim's name so you can register three different stables without confusion, if any more stables are tried for registration they will be disregarded.

  • Treat our staff and admins with respect, we are here to help the rest of our members and only wish for you to have a wonderful experience here on EN.

  • For staff and admins, please treat our members kindly, if someone is acting disrespectful report them to me immediately, I will try to sort the situation our or remove them from our forum, everyone is given a 3 time warning, after that they will be removed.

  • As stated before, no multiple accounts, if you are found to have two ore more accounts (which I can easily tell) I will remove all of your accounts without a warning and your IP address will be banned, multiple accounts is considered as CHEATING!

  • It isn't enforced but is recommended you follow our time schedules, this will help with proper breeding and competition time.

  • We use a training program for horses under 5 Yrs/O, if a horse does not follow this program they cannot enter our monthly competitions, you can learn more about that in it's own post.

If you have any recommendations for rules please PM me! I'll try and add them as soon as possible.
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Equinight Official Rulebook
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